We’ve talked a bit about metal restoration services, and thought we’d share the results of one of our recent projects. By using electrostatic paint on the BB&T corporate office building, we restored the exterior to a beautiful, lustrous look. The process of creating an electrostatic coating involves using paint composed to charged particles accelerated toward the surface, creating an ionic bond between paint and metal.

In short, it’s a much stronger bond than traditional methods for a more even, longer-lasting coating.

Here are some shots of the preparation:

Large, front-facing structures like those shown at the BB&T building make a significant statement to customers and passers by. The difference between an old, faded look and vibrant shine say a lot about the business. Metal restoration services don’t simply improve the look of surfaces, though. They also protect surfaces from corrosion, fading, stains, and even scratches.

Here are shots of the finished result:

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