Whether it’s metallic roofing, trim, door frames, or even statues outside, no one can deny that polished metal surfaces really catch the eye. It can give entryways a classy look, or add memorable personality to a busy location.

But like any surface, even polished steel can tarnish or lose its luster over time. Especially when it adorns your exteriors.

Featuring these kinds of materials in your business is kind of a double edged sword. When they’re at their best, they look great. But when they get that faded look, it can really detract from the overall presentation. After all, what would you think while approaching a business with rusty, tarnished, or metallic surfaces that just generally don’t look cared for?

We Can Restore All Types Of Metal Surfaces

We mentioned steel initially because it’s common and often what people think about when they hear “metal restoration”. But our experienced team can handle brass, copper, and anodized aluminum as well.

Have a look at our project shots from our restoration project at BB&T for a quick example of this work in action.

Metal restoration services work for any size business, from small offices to national chains (we’ve worked on both). Much like repainting a wall that’s faded more than you might realize, you’d often be surprised by the difference in seeing it after a restoration job.

Give us a call today to learn more about our electrostatic restoration process!