Here are some great example shots of a recent bathroom remodel project we completed to give our readers an idea of what’s possible. If you’ve been considering making some changes to your home, particularly your bathroom, let this serve as some inspiration to what’s typical.

Bathroom refurbish of the sink area, cabinets and mirror
New sinks, cabinets, and mirror.

This bathroom features all new sinks, faucets, cabinets, and mirrors for a refreshed, modern look that complements wall colors and overall decor.

The faucets are all new, featuring smooth on/off twist motion for hot and cold and dual sinks that are ideal for couples. Notice also the ample cabinet and drawer space beneath the sinks, which helps make the most of a smaller bathroom space.

Next up is the shower area, featuring all new tile, shelving, a seat, curtains, and even a new shower head.

Shower curtain seat area - bathroom project
New shower tile work and curtain, as well as shower seat.
Shower seat and sprayer head tall
Shower seat, in-wall shelves, and sprayer.
Shower seat and new tile work.
Shower seat and new tile work.
New shower head closeup.
New washer dryer and cabinets area in bathroom
New washer, dryer, and cabinet area.

This particular bathroom project featured a washer/dryer combo stacked in the corner of the bathroom, with a folding table to the left. This is a great way to get more function out of a single room, particularly if the layout of your home doesn’t have a dedicated laundry area.

The tall cabinet next to the washer and dryer provides space for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and any other accessories you’d commonly need for doing laundry. And of course it doubles as auxiliary storage for the rest of the bathroom items.

Bathroom remodels can also remake the layout entirely.

Quite often a bathroom remodel is understood as updating appliances and amenities, which it certainly can be. But if you’ve never been happy with the layout or setup of your bathroom, you can go a step further to create a more ideal space.

Bathroom remodel wall tear down

Some projects involve going down to the studs, which allows your remodeling contractor to re-route pipes if necessary, change electrical wiring, and create flexibility to put a sink or a bath tub somewhere else than they began.

Maybe you always wanted a garden tub, or maybe you don’t want a tub at all anymore and opt for a stand-up shower. These are exactly the types of choices you can make at this level, truly maximizing the space available so none of it is used on things you don’t want.

We can create custom work when that’s what you’re looking for, as well.

Bathroom remodel projects start around $7,500.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas on your next bathroom remodel project and we’ll come up with a plan together!