We haven’t blogged about a squarely commercial job in awhile, so here is one we’re working on that serves as a good example of an interior remodel for an office and showroom.

This job is for a professional carpet company who was updating their main display area, as well as the hallway folks enter through that passes several key offices all the way back to the break room.

In these initial shots you can see the ceiling in rough form, with exposed wires and worn walls. This is because the HVAC and electrical systems were also being overhauled before the visible surfaces could be modernized.

Exposed ceiling area during a remodel, with HVAC piping
Early shots of a hallway remodel with exposed ceiling

Further into the project, you can see the vast difference as things came together. The break room itself benefitted from the new flooring that ran throughout, bringing a sense of continuity throughout the admin areas and a visual distinction as you walk into the customer showroom area.

Hallway remodel with new ceiling and lighting
New hardwood flooring in a hallway remodel

Here are photos of the showroom area:

Carpet pros showroom remodel, 2nd visit
Progress photo of a showroom remodel

And finally, the finished remodel look:

Commercial showroom remodeled flooring and lights
New hallway between commercial offices
Remodeled break room with new floors, paint, and cabinets
New showroom with the first tile display

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