We like to stay organized and take accountability, and that’s something we hold to all our vendors and contractors used for projects. No one likes to feel out of the loop or like they’re in limbo about work being done on their home.

Something our clients have said they’ve appreciated many times are the little touches.

  • Creating a thorough plan where all contractors, as well as the homeowner, are included so everyone knows exactly what to expect.
  • Giving a status report the end of each week on where things are and what to expect next.
  • Notifying immediately if anything comes up, changes, or alters the completion date.
  • Open, honest dialogue about what to avoid, be conscious of, or look out for given the options available for the project.

This includes following up regularly about the status of local permits. We’ll be in contact with the city/town and manage the permit’s approval, and if there are any delays, you’ll always know why.

Sometimes permit delays are as simple as the application got misplaced on someone’s desk in the city office, and a phone call or two inquiring about it prompts it to get where it needs to be. Other times the delays are regarding things that need to be addressed with the home before they can be approved.

We want clients to feel like they are getting tremendous value, and that starts with good communication.

Call us today to schedule a consult for your next remodel project — we’ll review costs and can optionally help create a plan of action for you so you’ll know exactly which steps to take and what your options are.