Renovation takes all shapes and forms. In this particular commercial renovation project we worked on a DMV in Wilkesboro to improve the exterior aesthetic.

The project covered several areas, including:

  • Replacement of vinyl siding and soffits
  • Redo trim and facia boards in aluminum coil to match the vinyl
  • 2 new gutters
DMV exterior renovation shot 1

As you can see, part of the building’s exterior was brick that was still in pretty good shape. This was a plus for the DMV, since brick restoration would’ve been a much more complicated job.

The off-white colored vinyl siding creates an attractive contrast with the warm color tone of the brick portions, and makes the building easier to spot from the street.

What would new siding be with old gutters? The next phase of the project involved improving the building’s trim and fascia boards in preparation for the gutters.

We used aluminum coil to give them a light, modern look that matched up with the vinyl siding well. The aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, making it a solid choice for any exterior trim so the DMV won’t have to worry about touching it again for several years.

We ran 2 entirely new gutters along the building to keep the look consistent.

When those parts were in place, we painted the building for a bright and consistent appearance. Look at those colors alongside each other!

Everything turned out great, and we even finished 2 days ahead of schedule.