It happens.

Whether it’s a moment of being distracted or just coming outside to see damage caused by someone else to your garage, it can be nerve-wracking.

One common situation is when the outer corner is caved in, possibly causing the corner to sag because the support is compromised.

While it’s not necessarily a matter of fixing it immediately or the whole garage going with it shortly thereafter, it’s certainly a safety concern for anyone in or near the garage. If something shifts or bumps the damaged area, there’s no telling whether that section will collapse.

If you’ve noticed this on your garage, you’ve done the right thing looking it up online and ending up here reading this.

If you’re in the Winston Salem area of NC, give us a call at 336-893-5901. This is something we’d want to look at as soon as it’s feasible to assess the degree of damage — as well as the quickest and smoothest way to resolve it.

Check if the appropriate insurance will cover it.

If it was a car that drove or backed into the garage, your homeowner’s insurance may not won’t cover it. That tends to be something that your (or the person who caused the damage) car insurance would address, since the damage was caused by a vehicle.

Other times, though, it will be the other way around. Sometimes the insurance companies will look at it like this: since it was your house that was damaged, it has to be your homeowner’s insurance policy to address it.

There’s no way to know for sure without talking to them. Start with your homeowner’s insurance policy unless the damage was caused by someone else (and you know who it was).

Repairing The Garage Damage

That’s something a home remodeling cotnractor has to assess on the scene.

Sometimes, if it’s a matter where the wall has shifted but the supporting beams themselves are intact, the repair might be as straightforward as pulling the wall back into position, bolting things securely in place, and replacing damaged siding.

Other times if the support structure is cracked or compromised, it will need to be carefully replaced first. That can be a more involved repair.