A-1 Renovation offers a full range of masonry contractor services for homes in the Winston Salem area, including:

  • Driveway paving, repair, and expansion
  • Patio areas and islands
  • Outdoor kitchens and open air cooking areas
  • Deck surrounds
  • Accent walls

All of these exterior features create a powerful visual impression, not to mention the considerable value they add to your home as permanent fixtures. They don’t depreciate in value over time, and are almost always things that potential buyers will find favorable if you ever decide to show your home for a sale.

From a longevity standpoint stone work is about as good as it gets. It resists corrosion, doesn’t rust or tarnish like metal, and is almost impervious to wind and rain. Masonry work requires very little maintenance compared to other exterior fixtures.

Exterior masonry patios and gardens

Masonry Repair and Restoration

Quality masonry repair work can take years to master — especially brick repair. Our team is equipped to do just that.

We can restore stucco and tile work, including the mortar. When it takes more than pressure washing to get everything looking its best, this is exactly the kind of treatment you need.

This is a good maintenance item to do every few years to keep your stone work fresh, but it’s particularly beneficial if you’re planning to sell or rent out your home.

The impression freshly restored masonry work creates is of prestige and luxury, and really brings up the property.

And if you’re not moving, selling, or renting, masonry restoration is still a fantastic way to impress family, friends, and neighbors while entertaining.

Paving Contractor for Driveways and Patios

Do you need additional foundation work for an addition? Or maybe a sidewalk or tile walk way?

For driveways, perhaps you’ve wondered…

  • How can I convert my gravel driveway into a paved one?
  • Who can help me pave a concrete driveway?
  • Can I repair deep cracks in my driveway?
  • Can I expand my driveway to fit more vehicles?

If you’re asking any of these questions, we can help.

Driveway paver and masonry contractor work