Have you just noticed a little bit of mold is starting to creep over the ceiling of your bathroom? All of a sudden the basement is smelling mustier than usual? 

Mold buildup is common, and it can be very damaging for your home. It’s time to seek out a mold abatement specialist before things get out of control!

So what should you be considering when you discover mold is taking over your Winston-Salem home?

All Mold is Not Created Equal

Mold spores are everywhere. However, the spores take root and thrive when they are giving consistent access to moisture. 

Some strains of mold will grow slowly, and some will grow very quickly. Under the right conditions, some types of mold can infiltrate an entire property in as few as 72 hours

Considering how fast mold can spread, it is pivotal to reach out to a mold abatement company quickly. Delaying can result in even more extensive (and expensive) repairs. 

We Want You to Breathe Easy

Mold spores can cause allergic reactions, with symptoms such as runny noses and sneezing. Mold can even cause severe breathing issues. Even for people who are not sensitive to other allergens, mold can cause allergic symptoms over time.

However, just killing the mold is not always enough to relieve allergy symptoms. Even dead mold spores can cause allergy symptoms. Considering the difficulty in removing all spores from a home, we recommend reaching out for professional help with mold abatement in Winston-Salem.

Safety Comes First 

The mold abatement process requires caution and patience. Professional companies provide equipment to prevent workers from breathing in dangerous mold spores. There must also be adequate ventilation and breathing equipment to protect workers from the chemical solutions that are used to kill and clean mold.

Adequate and consistent ventilation is key to protecting workers and homeowners. Depending on the extent of the mold infestation, you may need to leave your home for several days to protect your health. 

Mold abatement also requires air scrubbing to ensure the area will be safe for breathing without filters. Otherwise mold spores in the air could cause your mold problem to return all over again. 

After the mold is removed and air is cleaned, all new building materials will need to be installed in your home.

All of these steps are also why we recommend that you reach out to professionals for handling your mold abatement needs. We don’t want you to have to deal with all these issues. Or to have any more exposure to mold than is necessary! 

Mold Abatement is Not a DIY Project

The best solution for mold growth is to control access to moisture. This means stopping any water leaks, which can be much harder than it seems. 

However, when folks attempt to handle a mold problem on their own, they often make the same mistakes:

  • They choose the wrong mold cleaner. Bleach is not going to kill mold. Professional cleaning solutions are the best way to tackle mold.
  • They allow cross-contamination to happen. Tools have to be routinely cleaned. Doors have to be completely sealed. Clothes have to be kept clean. You even have to clean the air in the space to prevent cross-contamination! It can be exhausting, and therefore this is a big possibility for making a mistake when attempting to clean up mold on your own.
  • They fail to find the real source of the moisture. Water leaks can come from windows, doors, plumbing, or even through cracks in the walls. Even more insidiously, it can appear that moisture is coming from one location when, in fact, it is coming from an entirely different place. It takes a professional to spot the true source of the moisture — and therefore the mold problem. 

If you already have a mold abatement company coming in to help you with your mold problem, you should still give us a call. We will make sure that you get adequate quotes and understand the scope of your mold problem.

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