If you’ve considered doing some of your home’s pressure washing yourself, you’ve probably wondered what kinds of attachments you can use for different tasks.

In this post, we’re going to walk through the different tip types and where you’d use each one, as well as an option for de-griming concrete and brick porches or walkways.

Different Pressure Washing Tips:

The main differences in tips are the angle the water sprays out, and how intense that spray is. Luckily, each of the tips are color coded for easy reference.

Black Spray Tip
This produces the widest, most gentle stream of all the tips (about 65 degrees). You can use this tip to apply detergent or rinse off the soap at the end of a cleaning session.

White Spray Tip
The white tip creates a 40-degree spray, and you’d use it for delicate surfaces that are easily damaged, like your home’s siding. If you have softer materials like stucco, this gentle spray is ideal for those also.

Green Spray Tip
This spray tip outputs a 25-degree spray pattern, and is your general cleaning option. With this, you can clean everything from concrete walkways, patios, brick, wooden decks, and even outdoor furniture.

Yellow Spray Tip
This is your heavy-duty power washing tip. This 15-degree spray can clean stains off of concrete.

Red Spray Tip
This is the most intense spray tip, and you should be careful what you use it on. It will cause damage to wood surfaces as well as siding and windows. Ideally, you’d only use this tip if the yellow tip wasn’t enough to remove stains from concrete, or if you are cleaning metal surfaces.

For Guidance On Installing Different Pressure Washing Accessories:

Video by Pressure Washers Direct

Pressure Washing (Circular) Surface Cleaner Attachment

Circular surface cleaning attachments are handy because they’re easy to use. These are ideal for sidewalks and concrete patios that might be loaded with grime and dirt, or otherwise discolored.

Then, it operates a bit like a vacuum cleaner. You can move the attachment head around freely, and back and forth. Go slowly so the jets can thoroughly knock everything loose.

Pressure washing a sidewalk with the surface cleaner attachment

If you decide into the process that you’d like to hire a seasoned team to help pressure wash your home, give us a call.