We’ve blogged before about the advantages of leaning on an experienced contractor pre-project to anticipate challenges and create organization that avoids unnecessary costs.

In this case, we wanted to explain a bit more about how it works functionally instead of focusing as much on the benefits.

We’ve developed a method for doing remodel consulting for homeowners that works well for all involved. It works like this:

  • We have an hourly rate we have to charge to come in, thoroughly review the project parameters, recommend materials and contractors, and create a bid and game plan. This includes reviewing architectural drawings, permits needed, etc.
  • If you choose to go with our bid to actually complete the project, we take whatever fee would’ve been created from the consulting and apply it toward the cost of doing the job — so it’s no additional fee to you.
  • If you opt to take our plan and recommendations and have someone else complete the project, the consulting portion becomes due.

Call us today to schedule a consult for your next remodel project — whether it’s for your home or a house you’re looking to rent/flip.