Some home remodel projects involve getting that living room you’ve always wanted, one that the home wasn’t set up like when you first purchased it. Maybe you’ve accepted it for many years, but eventually found yourself in a place where changes made sense.

But when it comes to bathroom upfits it’s often more about making the space keep up with the lifestyle of the family.

For instance, shower doors with the typical bath tub height might have been fine at one time, but as we get older and our mobility changes a walk-in design may make more sense. Same goes for converting a sliding shower door into one that opens outward.

We’ve found that in many cases people wish parts of their homes — especially their bathrooms — were laid out differently or more accessible, but may think that what they’d consider ideal isn’t something that can be done. Or that it will be prohibitively expensive.

Sometimes a big job has a big price tag, sure. But it’s worth exploring because it may be less than you’d expect, and moreover being comfortable in your home is a decision that brings its own rewards every day.

Bathroom Upfits Can Also Mean A Complete Fixture Swap.

If your cabinets, sink, toilet, or tub are old and worn — or even if you simply want to modernize the look — we can help you select replacements that work in your space.

Bathroom upfits start at $7,500. Give us a call to get a full quote for your dream bathroom!