Homeowners in the Ardmore areas of Winston Salem, as well as Buena Vista and Sherwood, can often benefit from remodel consulting services referred to as “value engineering”.

What that basically comes down to is having a qualified professional inspect your property through the context of your goals, both in terms of function and complexity, and provide feedback on:

  • What will be involved
  • What sorts of permits, architectural drawings, and contractors will be needed
  • Potential snags or challenges likely to come up

This is particularly important when you’re considering larger scale remodel jobs, such as additions or complete redesigns. But of course it can also be useful for less intense projects as well.

The most valuable aspect of it is knowing ahead of time what you can expect, and which pieces of the plan are realistic or may involve more than you anticipated. It’s not to say in those cases not to pursue those goals, but it’s always best to proceed with all the information.

We provide realistic expectations for the phases of the project, materials, and contractors needed and can make specific recommendations in any and all of these scenarios.

For a more detailed explanation of value engineering, especially for those looking to rent out properties or flip them, read our article about this service.

Types of remodeling projects where this kind of consulting is advantageous:

  • Room additions
  • Adding new windows to walls
  • Finishing an unfinished basement
  • Garage additions or revamps

Curious to see if value engineering could change the odds on your next project? Call us today.