Keeping up on your restaurant’s maintenance needs is important for generating repeat customer business. The upkeep of your windows, steel trim, bricks, or wood work can go a long way to create the sense of professionalism your business deserves — and your customers are expecting.

Metal roof and awning restoration may sometimes be costly, but we offer commercial maintenance programs that make keeping that like-new finish easy and affordable. Our special cleaning solution adds a protective layer to metal finishes. Aside from restoring the metal to a beautiful sheen, it allows much easier cleaning in the future as dirt and grime wash away even with simple water.

With our maintenance programs this finish can last for many years, greatly reducing costs to your business and holding that eye-catching look for as long as possible.

Along with metal and trim, we also offer window washing, pressure washing, painting, and stunning wood refinishing services. For almost anything your business needs to look its best, we can help you.

Restaurant Parking Lots, Curbs, and Windows

These are common areas of upkeep that make the difference between a restaurant with lines at lunch and one that struggles.

Cracks or potholes in the pavement, missing chunks from curbs, faded paint lines for parking spots, or tarnished windows all detract from a restaurant’s appeal. They can be the kinds of things that make a couple looking for a place to eat have second thoughts and head up the road instead. And a random passerby looking for somewhere to eat and willing to stop anywhere that looks good along the way? It may not be the restaurant with these issues at play.

Parking lot maintenance services

Removing potholes also avoids insurance claims for damages to customer vehicles. It may or may not be your responsibility as the restaurant owner/manager to maintain the parking lot, but it’s certainly worth notifying whoever is when these problems arise.

Duro-Last Roofing Solutions

Duro-Last roofs are popular with restaurant and retail chains because they require very little maintenance compared to other options. If you haven’t looked into this for your restaurant, follow our link to learn more.

You should know that we’re an authorized Duro-Last distributor.

This means we have direct access to the roofing supplies without the need for middlemen, and also means our teams are experienced at handling, transporting, and installing this style of roofing material.

Looking into your roofing options is a smart add-on to a larger maintenance renovation project if you’re looking to make several upgrades at once to save time and wow your customers. Ask us about roofing during our consultation and we’ll work out the best way to address your needs!

Streamlining Your Restaurant’s Maintenance

When you work with A-1 Renovation you’re leveraging a team of highly trained professionals. We can handle your project from the planning stages all the way to completion, saving you both time and money by maximizing efficiency and avoiding surprises mid-project.

Even if you have multiple teams working on a big project, we’re happy to lend our project management experience to coordinate everything into a smooth effort. We’ve handled large jobs for commercial buildings like BB&T, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo), and chains like Red Lobster.

For further examples of similar types of work, check out our commercial renovation page.

Or, simply call us today to discuss your restaurant maintenance needs!