A recent project we wrapped up involved a local commercial kitchen space that had been sloppily constructed years prior.

The oven hood had been hung with the lighting and other elements in a way that was not properly supported.

The end result was that the oven hood was hanging lopsided off the ceiling one day as the staff came in, and was taking some lights down with it.

Imagine if it had fallen during operation, either landing on someone and injuring them or causing a fire.

Another case of fixing a previous contractor’s shoddy work.

The Fix For This Commercial Kitchen…

Ultimately the ceiling was damaged from the collapse, as were some of the hanging lights. Repairs to the ceiling would need to be made to restore its look and ensure it was strong enough for hanging everything properly thereafter.

And more importantly, that the oven hood would not be suspended from ceiling joists as it had before rather precariously.

Other similar types of repairs:

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