Parking Lot Maintenance Services:

Asphalt & Concrete Repair in Winston Salem, NC

If your asphalt or concrete surfaces have started to crack or form potholes that are problematic for Winston Salem customers, you’re in the right place.

Our team has extensive experience with all sorts of commercial repairs and renovations for Winston Salem businesses, and can make strategic repairs to your concrete to restore functionality and add meaningfully to its longevity.

Types of Parking Lot Maintenance We Offer in Winston Salem:

  • Concrete sidewalk repair – Fill in cracks and repair broken sections of sidewalk to prevent trip hazards and restore a well-maintained look. Especially important for wheelchair accessible ramps that may be damaged.
  • Concrete stairs repair – Stairs often suffer rounded off edges over time, or the railings become loose and dangerous. Either way, we can restore function of your stairways for Winston Salem customers.
  • Concrete floor repair – Are the floors in your warehouse or loading bays cracking or pitting? That’s especially problematic for fork lifts and other machinery.
  • Cracked foundation repair – Cracks in the foundation around your building or home can be serious risks if left unchecked. Our extensive experience with building and safety protocols mean reliable solutions for you that you won’t have to revisit.
  • Parking lot crack repair – Alleviate unsightly appearances that can detract business, improve safety, and add to the longevity of your pavement before a complete re-pave is needed.
  • Commercial garage flooring repair – Oil and other chemicals can eat away at the concrete surface in garages. Over time, that can cause pitting and other issues. We can help mitigate the damage and get you back in business.
  • Stamped concrete repair – Concrete shaped into patterns or to resemble flagstone is attractive, but can be tricky if it cracks or breaks. Often it will need to be replaced, and matching it to the surrounding stones requires experience and planning.

We’re based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and are equipped for all types of commercial renovation and concrete repair services.

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