In the decades that A-1 Renovation has been in the commercial construction business, we’ve forged some great relationships in the community and developed powerful maintenance contracts.

We’ve worked with large national property management companies, including:

  • KBP Foods (manages Kentucky Fried Chicken & Taco Bell restaurants)
  • Command7 (wide variety of industries)
  • C.B Richard Ellis (BB&T and Wells Fargo banks)

Our long term maintenance programs include emergency repairs and after-hours service as needed. Floods, electrical issues, or even structural damage caused by weather or accidents are all places where emergency repair services come into play, and companies benefit significantly from quick, responsive attention.

Many of our projects have involved refurbishing building exteriors, from shopping centers and malls to office buildings. Building facade refurbs are a great value-add for businesses because they’re affordable and keep everything looking nice. The last thing a high traffic business needs is a worn-looking exterior. To that end, we can also handle your roofing and painting.

Parking lots see a lot of action, and resurfacing is a common need every few years. We handle striping and painting, which go a long way toward a positive impression. Most people probably don’t consider this, but a parking lot is often the first experience folks have of your business. Cracked pavement or broken curbs send the wrong message about the wellbeing of your business, so this is definitely an area to keep an eye on.

If your business features metallic surfaces, protecting them and keeping them lustrous is another consideration. We offer specialized electrostatic metal restoration services, which both recreate the like-new look but also protect the surfaces from scratches, weather damage, and corrosion. We can work with almost any type of metal, from anodized aluminum to steel (painted or not) and brass.