Emergency Repair

If your Winston Salem or Greensboro business has an urgent repair issue such as a leaking roof, busted pipes, broken windows, major concrete cracks, or structural problems, A-1 Renovation can respond quickly to get things back in order.

We can also make emergency repairs when you have water damage and provide mold remediation and abatement.

Relief From The Emergencies That Can Cripple A Business

The faster you’re up and running again the better. Fires and flooding, for instance, can take a long time to resolve when there’s insurance involved. And that whole time, your business might not be able to operate and continue generating revenue.

This is particularly important for retail stores, shopping centers and restaurants with a fast pace and an ongoing customer influx.  If the shopping or dining experience is disrupted, the business can’t operate.

A lot of business owners think that having insurance solves all these issues, but finding a contractor who can act quickly is just as important. Ask yourself this: if a flood put your storefront out of commission for 3+ months, would you be able to bounce back from that?

Our experienced team is dedicated to minimizing the disruption to your business flow.

We’ll come in and quickly assess the issue, and deliver an action plan to get things in order. From there, we’ll manage getting the supplies and the teams of specialists needed to get the job done. When emergencies happen it can feel hectic, but our aim is to remove the burden and get you and your business profitable again as fast as possible.

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