In our ongoing remodel and construction work at Brookridge Retirement Community, the most recent phase has been a new construction project to add 2 new premium homes. These two adjacent homes are in an area that’d previously been unused as a fairly large field between other areas of the community.

Several tenants have commented on how much they like the new carports we added to a half dozen properties, and these new homes will feature two car garages.


Porch framing ready for concrete
Porch framing ready for concrete.

Along with the garages, these two new properties will each have a front and back porch adjoined to an entryway. The above photo shows the in-between stage where our team had completed framing out the porches and running rebar, and was then waiting on the scheduled concrete pour.

The following week, the concrete crew met us first thing in the morning, and were pouring by 9:40am.

Contractor spreading concrete evenly after the pour
Completed concrete pour at Brookridge Retirement Community.
New concrete porch entryway

This front entryway is nicely enclosed. The concrete porch will be stable, durable, and easy to clean for many years. Around it, the roof overhang extends the full length of the porch to allow shelter from weather.

This is a nice touch as one enters the home to be out of the elements while unlocking the door, and equally helpful when leaving.

Ceiling framing and HVAC runs in place

Meanwhile, the team working inside both properties began running HVAC ducts along the ceiling framing. With the electrical lines run and floor plumbing complete, the team is well equipped for the next phase.