Known as the “Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky” roofing system, Duro-Last is the largest manufacturer of specially fabricated roofing materials using thermoplastic. Using a single-ply PVC membrane, Duro-Last roofing is extremely durable.

It’s ideal for roof designs that are either flat or use a low slope. The material is highly reflective, which can help prevent heat build up on the full sun days. Beyond that, the roofing is watertight and very resistant to chemicals, weather, and even fire.

Those are all great selling points, but perhaps the most sought after among them is how little maintenance Duro-Last requires. Anything that allows for a “set it and forget it” mind set is a big win for home remodel projects, but is also a sensible investment for commercial properties for the same reason.

Duro-Last Prefabrication For The Perfect Fit

Something else that’s a bit different with Duro-Last roofing versus traditional styles is the company’s ability to prefabricate the entire roof to suit a specific home or building. As roofs go, the fewer seams in the design the fewer leaks the structure will encounter over the years. Not to mention, of course, that this approach also means the roof can be installed more quickly.

Factory welded seams help with installation, and tend to mean more reliable initial quality.

Code Approvals For Higher-Risk Weather Areas

Duro-Last roofing meets or exceeds all major national fire and wind code requirements. For coastal areas like Florida and the west coast that are more prone to hurricanes and high winds, this is a significant selling point.

Often Florida homes, for instance, are reinforced to certain specifications rated for various levels of wind. (Built to withstand category 3+ wind, etc.)

While that’s less of a concern in Winston Salem, structural damage from weather certainly happens. Upgrading your roofing to something this resilient brings peace of mind folks usually don’t expect to receive when they think of roofs.

As a distributor and contractor, we can both fill your Duro-Last orders and install them. True to the theme of “call us and we’ll handle it all” folks of Winston Salem have come to recognize A-1 Renovation for, our Duro-Last solution is a straightforward remodel choice.

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