Sprucing up your space, whether it’s your home or place of business, is always a plus. But creating a look that is as functional as it is beautiful is usually tougher than it looks. This is precisely where an interior decorator comes into play.

Architects and builders are skilled at creating the framework and overall design of each room in your space, but even they often defer to interior decorators to ensure things are comfortable. It’s the difference between a purely utilitarian setup and one that feels inviting and has a sense of personality. This kind of collaboration is helpful during the building or renovating process, since it’s easier to make changes to suit the decorator’s vision at that point.

Still, that hardly means a lived-in space can’t be improved.

Our interior decorating services can help you…

  • Select furnishings that suit your style and the space available
  • Swap out fixtures
  • Coordinating furniture with wall and carpet colors
  • Arrange the room for the right atmosphere
  • Plan ahead for challenges and costs

That last bit is important to remember. It’s easy to think of hiring an interior decorator as a necessarily expense, but doing so can actually save you money. Knowing in advance what some of the needed steps are, as well as what the potential challenges are going to be allows you to make savvier buying decisions.

No one wants a sofa that almost matches other furnishings in the room, for instance. If you’re removing or altering counters or cabinets, there are a bunch of things to bear in mind on those projects, too. Because we also offer renovation services, we’re experienced at what goes into home projects of all kinds.

Whether you’re re-carpeting, painting walls, upgrading your bathroom, or revamping any other room of the house, we can help you plan and execute for a space that’s truly yours.