As a large shade structure, carports can help lower your energy bills.

…Especially during the hot summer months. Here’s a simple way to think about it: when you’re outside on a sunny day, standing in the shade feels significantly cooler than standing in direct sunlight. The same principle applies to your house.

If your carport is attached to your home, particularly near windows or glass doors, it provides a shield against the sun’s direct rays. The area of the house under or near the carport will absorb less heat from the sun, reducing the indoor temperature.

As a result, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool your home, leading to lower energy consumption and, consequently, lower energy bills.

For example, if your home’s kitchen or living room has a wall with large windows facing the direction where the sun rises or sets, attaching a carport on that side could significantly reduce the amount of sunlight directly hitting the windows.

The result would be a cooler indoor space and less reliance on air conditioning.

Carports are more versatile outdoor spaces than a standard garage.

A carport is not just a place to park your cars—it can serve many other purposes, too. Imagine you’re having a big family reunion or a party with friends. Your living room might not be big enough to comfortably accommodate everyone.

This is where your carport comes in handy during warmer months because it can serve as a covered, outdoor venue where everyone can mingle freely without worrying about a sudden downpour or harsh sun ruining the event.

In another scenario, let’s say you’re an enthusiastic DIYer who loves woodworking projects. But working in the basement or garage can be a problem due to the dust, noise, and lack of natural light. Your carport can serve as the perfect open-air workshop where you can work on your projects comfortably, enjoying the daylight and keeping the mess out of the house.

Another unique idea is using the carport as a mini drive-in movie theater for your family or friends. With a portable projector and a white sheet as the screen, you could host an outdoor movie night right under the carport.

Imagine you’re an early riser who enjoys starting the day with some light exercises or yoga. With the break of dawn, your carport can become an ideal outdoor space for your morning routine, providing you with fresh air, natural light, and enough room to stretch without stepping into the morning dew.

Carports are a big draw in retirement communities and other housing tracks.

In living communities owned by one property management company rather than several, or independently owned homes in neighborhoods, the major draw of amenities like carports are these:

  • Carports are often more affordable and faster to construct than a full garage
  • Carports preserve the outdoorsy feel, which is major in Brookridge Retirement Community where we’ve been renovating several of the units. That property has a strong nature vibe, and the carports preserve that feeling yet provide cover.
  • Adding a carport can also be a good opportunity for other quality of life features, such as adding a new entry door underneath. This pairs extremely well with sunrooms.

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