Parking lot maintenance services generally has to do with keeping commercial parking areas functional and attractive.

What are parking lot maintenance services?

  • Filling in potholes and serious cracks
  • Repairing, replacing, or adding concrete barriers and curbs
  • Re-configuring the parking lot’s layout
  • Re-painting lanes and parking areas
  • Storm drain adjustment
  • Asphalt removal and replacement

Pothole causes and repair

Aside the wear and tear of vehicles on the pavement, potholes form from water seeping into the pavement as cracks start. When the water freezes it expands, enlarging the tracks.

Ice underneath the pavement does the same thing and can create voids when it melts. The surrounding pavement then falls into the void.

Maintaining asphalt surfaces

Asphalt resurfacing is useful to restore a consistent surface — usually when you notice standing water in certain spots or unusually rough, blocky areas formed by cracks. Resurfacing procedures may also involve making adjustments to drainage to alleviate further flooding or standing water.

These considerations improve the look and usability of your parking lot, certainly. But just as importantly, safety is improved. To follow the example of standing water, that’s an invitation for ice and slip hazards in cold weather.

And in warmer weather? Pools of water attract bugs, allow dirt and contaminants to accumulate, and can smell.

For businesses in the Winston Salem area of NC, that doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

Parking lot sealing (sealcoating) and repair for Winston Salem businesses

An effective way to mitigate cracks in the pavement from becoming worse is to seal them.

Sealcoating is a popular parking lot repair method because it’s simpler than re-paving the area and dries quickly, meaning cars can resume using the parking lot as quickly as possible.

This is especially useful for paid parking lots that generate revenue, or parking lots specifically for larger companies and their employees.