Garages typically start off as unfinished spaces with open studs, ideal for storage. Two of the most common types of garage remodel projects are:

  • Finishing the garage
  • Expanding the garage space (such as taking a 1 car garage into a 2 car width)

In this post we’d like to talk a little about both, plus a few other ideas.

First off…

Finishing the garage

Maybe you entertain in your garage frequently. Adding things like TVs, dart boards, pool tables, or even making your parking area feel more like a showroom are all valid reasons to finish your garage.

Or more simply, a common and functional reason to finish the space is if you want the garage linked to the home’s heating and cooling system for climate control.

One important thing to know about finishing your garage space into a living space is that this process means removing the garage door and walling it off. (Necessary to convert it to a “living space”.) Not all finished garages have to go this route but…

A house without a functional garage will actually decrease in value, so only do this if it’s something you really want from your home and you aren’t planning to sell any time soon.

Other enticing options for finishing/upgrading your space:

  • Epoxy coatings for cement floors – looks like a showroom and makes the floor far easier to clean
  • Hardwood or vinyl tile flooring
  • Bonus room space
  • Shelving and other storage expansion options
  • Adding a loft (when the house and garage are tall enough for it)

Garage additions

Contrary to the point made above about home value where you have to plan carefully, garage additions will always add value to the home.

A two or three car garage is more of a draw than a small single car space, after all.

The additional space isn’t always intended to store another vehicle, though. A lot of homeowners will use the extra space for a workshop or even, as mentioned above, for entertaining friends.

Sought-after things to add to your garage:

  • A work table – from woodworking to re-potting plants, a work table helps get it done without having to run back inside or be bent over doing this these elsewhere
  • Wall racks for bikes, skis, kayaks, skateboards, or even lawn tools
  • Epoxy floor coating makes things easier to clean up, and looks great too
  • Additional ceiling lighting — especially useful if you work on projects in the garage frequently and the standard single light in the center isn’t enough
  • Wall insulation
  • Sinks and other utility areas

Upgrading the garage door

An upscale garage door can mean a return on investment of 97%, according to Remodeling Magazine. Not only will it make a striking difference in the appeal of your home from the street or driveway, in some cases it can actually improve function as well.

Whether it’s an ornate wood garage door or a modern-looking steel design, upgrading your garage door can improve security. If your current garage door is old, very likely so is the motor and suspension system holding it.

It’s never a convenient time for that setup to go out on you, so upgrading the system is another way to keep your home modern and fully functional.

Signs you might need to replace your garage door soon:

  • The garage door is making more noise than usual when it opens and closes
  • The door makes a popping sound when opening and closing
  • The door doesn’t reliably stay on its tracks
  • You notice your energy bill is increasing significantly (can be caused by leaks in the door)

Changing the function of your garage door:

  • Roll up garage doors are ideal for situations where there’s limited ceiling space, and they can withstand heavy use if you’re frequently opening and closing the door.
  • Slide-to-side garage doors go to one side of the entryway, also ideal for when there’s limited ceiling space. This design doesn’t require balancing springs, which can reduce maintenance.
  • Sectional garage doors are comprised of panels connected to hinge. This entryway has ample space for pulling vehicles in and out, and is also ideal for when your garage is an entertainment space.

Remodel projects start around $7,500

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