A recent project we began in Winston Salem, on Konnoak Drive, has involved a few key things readers might be interested in.

Demolition on a partial wall separating the living room and kitchen, which was previously a narrower entryway between.

Now, nearly the entire length of the living room adjoins.

Next up was to install new wood panel flooring throughout the entire kitchen area.

Sanding the new flooring near a cabinet

As you can see here, our team got busy sanding everything to ensure things were flush, and that the seams were perfect.

Moving floor boards in the kitchen area

In this section of the kitchen, our crew member is installing the board that will enable the transition between the wood paneling and a special section of the floor — right near the sink. This special floor area will feature polished, painted cement.

Here’s a view of the finished floors, cleaned off and showing off a lustrous shine full of wood grain.

More to come!