As we enter the winter season it’s a great time to consider restoring your business’ metal surfaces. From exterior trim to status, rails, and fencing, we can help them shine… literally.

We have a specialized process to restore lost luster to steel, copper, brass, and aluminum without using any harsh chemicals. It’s not only environmentally safer for staff and customers, but doesn’t diminish the lifespan of the your surfaces. In fact, the clear coat finish we apply afterward protects metallic surfaces from tarnishing, fading, and erosion from outdoor acidity.

But why worry about the restoration now?

When you have some extra room in your business budget near year’s end it makes sense to spend it on improvements like this. But more than that, it makes new initiatives for the new year easier to launch.

If you’re a property management company, like an apartment complex, these kinds of exterior improvements can make a big difference to prospective tenants when they visit the grounds. No doubt you’ve set some occupancy goals for next year, and all types of renovation serve that end.

It also makes sense contextually, since this time of year there’s a bigger sense of community and any given city probably has a lot more visitors than usual. For all types of business, that’s a real opportunity to stand out.

Metal refinishing is also great for:

  • Scratches
  • Repairs for vandalism
  • Oxidation and discoloration
  • Satin finishes
  • Polished finishes
  • Painted metal

Refinishing metal surfaces is usually a fraction of the cost of replacing them, and falls into the type of regular maintenance that dramatically improves the lifespan of the materials. Want an example of what a newly restored metal exterior can look like?

metal surface restoration Winston-Salem

If your interiors or exteriors are suffering from any of these ailments, trust the restoration pros to get them looking beautiful again!